Rick Schwab Fine Art Photography

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   Art is the language that speaks to and from our subconscious minds. Pictures of mind are just that…images from my subconscious.

   When a visual thought gives me certain emotions, I start to create props and put them together to replicate that thought in a photograph.  

    To me, the modern canon of “Art for Art’s Sake” is obsolete. It is more like; “Art for Man’s Sake” for I believe that making art is a moral act. That morality can be existential, rather than didactic, too. Art can be about anything and everything. Finally, art is metaphysical alchemy; it turns matter into spirit, and spirit into matter.

The intent of my work then is a bifurcation into a desire to make something that is uniquely beautiful to look at while also opening a small window into our humanity.

Ideas for images can be autobiographical, historical, poetic or philosophical. Sometimes, my aesthetic intelligence likes something I don’t fully understand.  I prefer metaphysics to actual physics. 

Artists who inspire me include the photographers Irving Penn, Sandy Skoglund,  and the painters Anselm Kiefer and Jackson Pollock.  My work also takes a lot from the writings of aestheticist  M.H. Abrams; the German concept of the “sympathetic imagination” and Carl Jung’s ideas about the “collective unconscious.”

     When people look at my pictures, maybe they can feel a little bit of the same emotions I had when I made them.  Hopefully then, a catharsis is felt….and our humanity is shared.