NOTE: All dimensions for each work shown are “edition size” dimensions.

Individually sold works can be printed at a different size than the sizes listed on this website.

Rubble Meat and Paint by Rick Schwab 2014“Rubble Meat and Paint”  2014  archival pigment giclee print. 22 x 36 inches                         ©Rick Schwab

De Kooning and Pollock were brilliant. I mixed their influences on me together , and used the contrasting textures of concrete and meat.


Rubble Meat and Paint detail 2014“Rubble Meat and Paint” detail                                           ©Rick Schwab

Bouquet by Rick Schwab 2015

“Bouquet”   2015   archival pigment giclee print   18 x 27 inches                                                 ©Rick Schwab

This picture was inspired by my visit to a hospital to see my mother. She was very sick, and I rushed bouquets of flowers to her room until my flight arrived there the next day. As I walked in, I saw the flowers placed all around her bed, the whispers coming from all the machines, her asleep, and the fragility of life everywhere.

Bouquet for site detail

“Bouquet” detail                                                 ©Rick Schwab

Fragments by Rick Schwab 2015

“Fragments” 2015  archival giclee print   24 x 28 inches                        ©Rick Schwab

Fragments for siteDETAIL

“Fragments”   detail                                                                  ©Rick Schwab

Flags Paint and Rubble_web

“Flags Paint and Rubble” 2017  archival pigment giclee print   24 X 28 inches                           ©Rick Schwab

Flags Paint and Rubble_detail_web

“Flags Paint and Rubble” 2017  detail                          ©Rick Schwab

Reflections by Rick Schwab 2015

“Reflections” 2015  archival pigment giclee print    24 x 36 inches                                                         ©Rick Schwab


Reflections detail 2015“Reflections”  detail                                                                      ©Rick Schwab


Flowers and Chains by Rick Schwab 2016“Flowers and Chains”  2016  archival pigment giclee print  22 x 50 inches                                                   ©Rick Schwab


Flowers and Chains detail“Flowers and Chains” detail                                          ©Rick Schwab

Fields of Flowers_2017_2“Fields of Flowers” 2016  archival pigment giclee print. 30X40 in.                           © Rick Schwab

Scientists studying the handprint signatures used by the Paleolithic cave painters in prehistoric Europe determined that almost all the art was painted by women. Women have a shorter ring finger than men do. Humanity’s first and very brilliant art movement was created by women.                                    © Rick Schwab

Fields of Flowers 2017_detail“Fields of Flowers” detail.

Wishing Mask webber2“The Wishing Mask”  2017 archival pigment giclee print   20X20″      © Rick Schwab

Wishing Mask webber_detail“The Wishing Mask” 2017 detail

Broken Glass Bukowski_blue“Broken Glass Bukowski”  2017 archival pigment giclee print.  16X20″                                                                                   © Rick Schwab

Broken Glass Bukowski_Blue_detail“Broken Glass Bukowski” detail                           ©Rick Schwab

Book_4“Book” 2016  archival giclee print  20 x 26 inches                   © Rick Schwab

note: for The Koran, I only cut away the cover of the book. The rest of the book/text was wrapped and placed in storage.


Book_4detail“Book” detail                   © Rick Schwab


“Gold Leafed Road Kill”  2015   archival pigment giclee print    32X22 inches                                                ©Rick Schwab


“Gold Leafed Road Kill”  detail                                   ©Rick Schwab


Nest With Hole by Rick Schwab“Nest with Hole”  2014   archival pigment giclee print    16 x 18 inches                         ©Rick Schwab


Nest With Hole detail

“Nest with Hole” detail                                      ©Rick Schwab

Weapons and Flowers_web“Weapons and Flowers”  2016  archival pigment glicee print  24×32 inches  © Rick Schwab

Art creates visual harmony between two opposites.

Weapons and Flowers_detail_web

“Weapons and Flowers” detail  ©Rick Schwab

The Argument

“The Argument” 2016 archival pigment giclee print 20 X 30 inches      ©Rick Schwab

The Art School

“The Art School” dedicated to Jasper Johns. 2016 archival pigment giclee print  26 x 40 inches               ©Rick Schwab


The Art School detail2

“The Art School”  detail       ©Rick Schwab

Felt Paint Meat for web

“Felt Meat and Paint”  2015    archival pigment giclee print   23 x 40 inches                                   ©Rick Schwab

Inspired by Helen Frankenthaler. The felt colors represents the different races.

Felt Paint Meat for web detail

“Felt Meat and Paint” detail                                             ©Rick Schwab

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“Sunrise; Latitude 42 and Longitude 18″  2016   archival pigment giclee print. 30X40”                                                                               ©Rick Schwab

This picture appeared to me in a dream. In the dream, I was a small boy asleep in a little boat out in the Atlantic Ocean. I was awakened by the sunrise. When I sat up and looked over the side this was what I saw…While I slept during the night, my boat had drifted into The Middle Passage.

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“Sunrise; Latitude 42 and Longitude 18” detail views

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The Best DayBest for web

                        “The Best Day” 2016   24″ X 28″  archival giclee’ print  ©Rick Schwab

    A 5 year old boy and his family are forced to go to a shelter because their home was destroyed by a fire. He awakes after the first night in the shelter and sees that volunteers have bought him toys, gifts and a fresh baked jelly donut. The boy then turns to his mother and says: “Mom, this is the best day!”   © Rick Schwab

The Best Day_detailWeb

“The Best Day” 2016 detail ©Rick Schwab

Toys_cropped2_©Rick Schwab 2017“Toys”  2017  20X24″  Archival pigment giclee’ print        ©Rick Schwab


“Toys”  2017  detail   ©Rick Schwab

Eve and Adam for web

“Eve and Adam” 2017 18X28″  Archival pigment giclee’ print         © Rick Schwab

Eve and Adam detail

“Eve and Adam” 2017 detail   © Rick Schwab